Your personal brand is how I make you feel

Your personal brand is how I make you feel


Jeff Bezos defines a personal brand as "what they say about you when you leave the room".  If I might add to the definition, your personal brand is also a feeling.

It is about how you make me feel about myself.

Let's figure out how this works:

  • Define your Shared Moments of Inspiration.

When you feel that you excel at what you do for someone. When you perform way beyond standards. When you feel that you got it.

Action: Think, write these moments down and put a circle around them.  

  • Define what you want people to say about you.

Be specific when choosing the words. They don't have to be adjectives. They can be nouns. They can describe a skill, or an ability, or your studies even. 

Action: Think, write these words down and put a circle around them.

  • Define how people you work are affected when they witness your Shared Moments of Inspiration. 

What is the feeling they get? Not about you. About themselves. How do you make them feel about themselves. 

This is your true, real, value.

Action: Ask, find out how they feel, describe and put a circle around it. 

Your personal brand sits at the intersection of these 3 circles: what you do best, what you are known as and how you make others feel when working with them.

Ask, listen, learn: your personal brand is out there, everybody can see it.
Can you? 

The key is honesty. Be brutally honest with yourself. Ask for meaningful, honest feedback. And define whether the feeling you convey is truly positive or mostly positive.

Sometimes we  get carried away in our behaviour. What I suggest you do, is stop and think how you affect others at work. If the effect is at least mostly positive, carry on. If not, be brave to change it. Go for the positive effect that you surely have.

If the feeling you convey is mostly positive and in line with what you want people to say about you, keep at it. Make it last and make it meaningful. Make it super positive. Make it your personal brand. 

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