Don't fake it. Flaunt it.

Don't fake it. Flaunt it.


So you have got an interview! 

Sure enough, the interview is your chance to shine. But more than that, the interview is the interviewers' chance to make sure they have got it right.

The interview is a follow up. They have already formed an idea of your personal brand from your online presence, CV and any correspondence you might have had and the interview is your chance to seal the deal by being consistent to that idea.


How did you achieve to get through to interview stage? What personal brand attributes did your online presence, CV and letter convey? That of an extrovert, social media savvy, adventurous, thinker, doer, achiever, performer, award winning professional, carer...? 

Be consistent

Determine what made them tick and up the volume. Be that and a bit more. Not too much not too little. Balance is key. Know your CV off by heart so that you do not have to think of your achievements. 

Read the signs

If you are very well prepared you will have time to read the signs (aka body language). Try to understand what they actually need for this position. What have they got in mind? What's the ideal candidate like? Not just skills, PERSONALITY- wise. Listen hard and don't fake it. Pick these personality attributes of yours that you feel match what they have in mind. 

And don't forget: when you leave the room, they must feel they were right all along. 

That's the winning feeling.

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