Stop looking for your career purpose

Stop looking for your career purpose

There is only one purpose in life: being of service, making the most of our strongest talent in order to actually be of excellent service. As Deepak Chopra has put it" Everyone has a purpose in life. A unique gift or special talent to give to others. And when we blend this unique talent with service [...] we experience ecstasy of spirit" 

Therefore, when it comes to work, it  is not really important to discover what our purpose is. Because our purpose is known:  It is service to people.
What matters is "how" not "what". 

Possible questions to ask ourselves:

How can I be of service to the people I work with? 

What is the unique talent I can offer them that will help them forward? 

What part of my job makes the greatest impact on others?

The right questions lead to the right answers. And usually the right answers come from within. Only this time, the right answer might also come from the outside: very often our purpose is clearer to the ones who know us and work with us than to ourselves. Let's ask them, then. This is a right question to ask, too.

Until next time, enjoy work.

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